Happy Birthday, Melissa
The years arrive and the years go by
And you're no longer here
For us to see or hear or hug,
But we still hold you dear.
Today would be your birthday
If you were here on earth,
A day we'd celebrate with love,
The day of your dear birth.
But now it seems so bittersweet,
For we can't see your face,
Or listen to your lovely voice
Which once was filled with grace.
The only gifts we give you now
Are flowers for your grave,
The only way we see you
Are in photos we have saved.
But still we know that you live on,
In heaven up above,
And while we live down here below,
We'll always send you love.
So, celebrate in heaven, dear,
And we'll light a candle or two
To show that we remember
And that always we'll love you.
Written for Melissa Sandstrom and her family
with love from Saralyn Smith
January 5, 2005
Melissa's 26th Birthday 




Thank you Saralyn


Thank you Beth

Thank you Diane







Page created for Melissa's family with love by
Beth Hall &
Saralyn Smith