Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day
A tribute to all Moms,
A day so sad and bittersweet
Now that Melissa's gone.

I try so hard to go on
As she would want me to,
But deep within my heart and soul
I feel my life is through.

I ache to hear just one more time
To hear her voice, to touch her face
To hug her close again.

I weep for her Mom
And search in vain,
For a way to mend her heart
And take away her pain.

For she carried Melissa
Just beneath her heart,
And when she left so suddenly
Her life was torn apart.

But we must ever patient be
Until God calls us Home,
And Mother's Day will always be...
A day we'll both feel alone.

With love,
Ethel M. Sandstrom

(I dedicate this poem to Terri...
Melissa's Mother. I will always
be thankful that you allowed me
to have an active part in Melissa's
life... I have SO many precious memories
of those years.)

Dad, Mom, Melissa & Michelle

A dear net friend shared this lovely poem with me, and gave me
permission to share it with you.


Your child is now in Heaven
And your heart and life seem blue,
And you may well be thinking
What "happy" means to you.

It may seem just a short time
That your sweet child went away,
Or it may seem a hundred years~~~
It's different every day.

No matter if you had your child
For forty years or none,
You earned the name of "MOTHER"
As soon as conception was done.

Even though your arms are bare
And your beloved child is gone,
The honored name of "MOTHER"
Is something that lives on.

Forever and forever
Your sweet child's MOM you'll be,
And in Heaven you'll be reunited
For all eternity!

So dry your tears sweet MOTHER
And lift your heart in love,
You'll always be a MOTHER
Both here and up above.

2004 Saralyn McAfee Smith

This Midi is: "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"