Today is Father's Day...a day to honor Dads,

But since you left us suddenly, we're all lonely and so sad.

Especially your Dad who's grieving oh, so deep

Who cannot fully comprehend you're in death's final sleep.

The day you died his world collapsed, he wanted to go with you,

Losing his little girl whom he adored made him feel his life was through.

His days are filled with thoughts of you, he finds it hard to concentrate,

He knows the only way to be with you, in patience...he must wait.

And as the days turn into months, he's never missed GOODNIGHT to you

Not even once!

And as the months turn into years, his dreams for you bring on more tears.

He visits your grave each and every day,

To remember you lovingly in his own special way!

For you were loved more than you know

And Dad's love for you will forever grow.

Written with love, by Gram
Copyrightę 1995 Ethel M. Sandstrom

(I dedicate this poem to my son Randy, whose devotion to his daughter

warms my heart and touches my soul. Melissa will forever be in our thoughts and prayers).

This picture shows the love that Daddy's little Angel held for him!

Daddy's Little Girl

You're the end of the rainbow, my pot of gold,

You're daddy's little girl to have and hold.

A precious gem is what you are,

You're mommy's bright and shining star.

You're the spirit of Christmas, my star on the tree,

You're the Easter bunny to mommy and me.

You're sugar, you're spice, you're everything nice,

And you're daddy's little girl.

You're the treasure I cherish so sparkling and bright,

You were touched by the holy and beautiful light.

Like angels that sing, a heavenly thing,

And you're daddy's little girl.

~Music by Theodore Morse in 1904...Lyrics by Edward Madden~


Please visit this site!! It pays tribute to all of our Angels who left us too soon!!

I am proud to have Melissa honored at this site.

This is a favorite of mine..."DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL".

I have fond memories of my father singing it to me when I was a little girl.

Updated January 30, 2004