Dreams of My Angel

I dream of Angels most every night,

Since my beloved took her flight.

I trace the path she took alone,

To enter Heaven... her new home.

I wonder if she was afraid

If she cried and also prayed.

For when she left that early morn

She took my heart... completely torn.

She's in my prayers

My tears still fall,

They will until

I hear God's call.

For then my journey will begin

To meet my Angel once again.

And so my thoughts of my Angel dear

Complete my dreams... each night... all year.

Written with love, by Gram
Copyrightę 1996 Ethel M. Sandstrom

This was my little Angel Melissa at 3 years! ~~~~My Angel Melissa at 16 years!

A Graphic I made of my ANGEL!!!



This candle burns in memory of my beloved grandaughter Melissa.
Forever in my heart, always in my prayers.

This midi is "MY SPECIAL ANGEL"


Updated April 17, 2004