God's Precious Gift!

Of all God's precious gifts to me

There's one my eyes no longer see,

Her memory lives within my heart

Even though we're worlds apart.

My thoughts return so many times

To days when life was so sublime,

I had it all... my world complete

Now shattered lives lay at my feet.

Who'd thought the loss of one so dear

Could change the paths of those left here?

For only one who's loved so much

Can leave behind her gentle touch.

Her spirit soars the Heaven's above

And carries all my worldly love,

My greatest wish that I may someday be

Beside Melissa... God's precious gift to me!

Written with love, by Gram
Copyrightę 1997 Ethel M. Sandstrom


When someone you love becomes a memory... that memory becomes a treasure!

This special cookie was made for me by Gramma Nancy. There are so few gifts that I can give to Melissa now...

(balloons, flowers, books in memory)...to name a few. So this "Cookie Angel" has a very special meaning to me.

Among the gifts Melissa gave to me are love, compassion, caring, and the most beautiful memories anyone could ever have!

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This Midi is "Close to You" & "We've Only Just Begun"
(A Medley by the Carpenters)

Updated January 30, 2004



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