Grams Smiles Upon You

As I smile upon you.

My love grows more and more.

Always know that you are in my heart forever.

As I smile upon you, the bigger the smile gets.

I love you ever so greatly.

The longer that you are gone, the more the love grows.

You will never leave my heart or my soul.

As our heart can now beat as one.

I know that one day we will meet again.

As I know that you will be there with open arms.

You are with me each and everyday.

For I feel you all around me.

You soar so free now.

And I know that God needed you.

I still have that void in my heart.

As long as I think of you, that helps.

You give me joy in my heart and soul.

Loving you more as each day passes.

For one day, my dear sweet angel.

We will meet again.

Written By:  Debbie Hart