Happy Birthday


January 5, 1979

January 5, 2000

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Melissa, Happy Birthday to you!


Today would have been your 21st Birthday!!

What a great time we would have had!!

Instead, we'll shed so many tears

And all the day be sad.

Not many understand the pain we feel

Nor can they realize,

How life takes on new meaning

When a beautiful child dies.

Only those who walk this lonely path

Can know our deepest pain,

Of never being able

To hold this child again!

So on this special day in Heaven

God's Angels gather near,

Singing Happy Birthday

Celebrating Melissa's 21st year.

While her family sends their wishes

To the girl we love so much,

Our beautiful Melissa...

We miss your ANGEL'S TOUCH!!

Written with love, by Gram
Copyrightę 2000 Ethel M. Sandstrom


My Dearest Melissa

Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you as always, but

especially on this very special day. How I wish you could have been here

so that we could celebrate this important date!! All young adults look

forward to their "21st Birthday"!! I remember how proud you were to

turn 16!! The great "SWEET SIXTEEN PARTY" you had!! Everyone had

a wonderful time...then two months later...you left us. We'll let your BLUE

BALLOONS rise to greet you...as we have every birthday since you left us.

It's the only way we have left to let you know we'll always, always love you.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my precious Melissa!

With love forever, Gram


Updated October 24, 2004




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