Our Heavenly Flower

Two long and lonely years ago
At an early morning hour,
God reached down upon this earth
And picked a lovely flower.

He chose our beloved Melissa
To grace His garden on high,
He took her Home so quickly
We never said Good-bye.

Our lives have changed completely
Our precious one has gone,
But in our hearts forever
Her memory lingers on.

We think of her in His garden
In her new home up above,
We know she's very happy...
She's surrounded by God's love.

On earth all flowers fade and die
As it was meant to be,
For only in God's garden
Do we bloom...eternally!

With love, Gram
Copyrightę 1996 Ethel M. Sandstrom

A garden of beautiful memories...
Sprayed with a million tears!

This Midi is: "Keeper of the Stars"

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