"I'll Remember You"

I'll remember you with faith

As I pray for God's special love,

I'll remember you with hope

As I look to the Heaven's above.

I'll remember you with pride

As I think of your good deeds,

I'll remember your hugs and kisses

You always knew my needs.

I'll remember you with love

As I recall your beautiful face,

I'll remember you with thanks

That in your heart...I held a place.

I'll remember you with courage

As I wake each lonely day,

I'll remember you with tenderness

As I close my eyes to pray.

I'll remember you with tears

As I long to see your face,

I'll remember you forever

No one else can take your place.

Until God calls me Home

Until my life is through,

My dearest Melissa...

I Will ALWAYS Remember You!

Written with love, by Gram
Copyrightę 1995 Ethel M. Sandstrom

The mention of her name

May bring tears to my eyes,

But it never fails to bring

Music to my ears.

If you are truly my friend...

Let me hear the beautiful music

of her name...

It soothes my broken heart

And touches my soul.

I dropped a tear in the ocean....when they find it....
that's when I'll stop remembering you!

This midi is "To Where You Are"

When I first heard this sung by Josh Groban...I LOVED it!!
It has become a favorite of mine...the words are so beautiful too as is his voice!
This beautiful song has been sequenced by Redsal who gave me permission to use it!

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Updated February 1, 2004