A lifetime ago
I held her in my arms,
I marvelled at her newness
I succumbed to all her charms.

A lifetime ago
I watched her every move,
As I saw her growing
I was so filled with love.

A lifetime ago
I taught her nursery rhymes,
Her alphabet and numbers
Oh, those were such good times!

A lifetime ago
I saw her enter school,
She made so many new friends
And life for her was...cool.

A lifetime ago
I felt her hugs and kisses,
Life was so complete then
I knew what true bliss is.

A lifetime ago
My world completely shattered,
Since the day she went to Heaven
Now... nothing else matters.

A lifetime ago
Was it only two short years,
I've aged ten years at least
I've shed a million tears.

A lifetime ago
As loneliness fills my days,
I miss her more than ever
In so many different ways.

A lifetime ago
How can life be measured?
The memories we shared
Are our only earthly treasures.

A lifetime ago
My Angel went away,
To live with God in Heaven
Where we'll meet again someday.


Written with love by Gram
Copyrightę 1997 Ethel M. Sandstrom


This Midi is: "Endless Love"