March 9, 2006

Today marks 11 years since our beloved
Melissa entered Heaven. Life has
changed for our family... but one thing
will never change... Our love for this
beautiful girl that God loaned us for
16 short years!!!

My thoughts linger to 'what
might' have been??
Melissa would be 27 years old now.
She had wanted to be a teacher... would
she be??? She looked forward
to being a wife and mother one day...
would she be??? She was a
dear and compassionate girl...
she loved children and her family.
That was evident in her being a great
baby-sitter... a teacher's aide... and loving
her little sister and cousins with
every fiber of her being!


Your devoted Gram will always honor
your memory... always love you with
all that's in me... and one day we'll
meet to spend eternity together. You
always knew what was in my heart...
and I pray you know it hasn't changed,
only grown stronger thru the years.

Til we meet again, I remain

Your devoted Gram

I received these gifts from my internet
friends... who have helped me on my
journey. They have become 'friends of my
heart', for we all miss our children. I
know in some way our angels bring us
together to help one another. Without their
love and compassion... none of us would
make it thru even one day.

My sincere thanks to all of you!

Inspired by the Angels, I made this with much love for you and the Grandmother you will always be to Melissa.
And for the great reunion there will be in Heaven when you are reunited with the great love of your heart ...
Your Angel Melissa!
We honor and love you this day Sweet Melissa. Rest well in Heaven beautiful Angel.
With love,

THANK YOU ANN... you have touched my heart with your beautiful creation.
You are very dear to me...I treasure our friendship.

THANK YOU MARIA... for remembering my Angel and me. You are a dear friend.

This was sent to me by Bev (mother of angel Beau Cox)
Though we've never met, you have warmed my heart with your beautiful gift.

My gift to Melissa... as I envision her caring for my baby daughter Mary Jo!

Your devoted Gram

This Midi is: "Who You'd Be Today"
(Kenny Chesney)




Sweet Melissa

Gram remembered your favorite color....BLUE!

I also included my fav color...purple. "S" I remember every thing about you and always will!!!