Melissa and Gram

I wrote a poem for each of my grandchildren the

year before Melissa died. It was not my intention

for them to read their poems until my death. It was

my "legacy" to them. Since I could never say 'no'

to Melissa...when she asked to read her poem...I

gave in. I remember her reading it and saying,

"Gram, I always knew you loved me, but I

never knew how much! " I never dreamed that

just a few short months later...she'd be gone!

In reflection, I am SO grateful that she knew

what was in my heart before she left us. Her father

requested that poem be read at her service.

My First Grandaughter

My first grandaughter, oh, what a thrill!

After three sons and a grandson, you fit the bill!

At last a little girl to pamper and care,

To buy you dolls and curl your hair.

Such a precious baby, so cuddly and sweet,

Baby-sitting you...was my special treat!

For two long years we spent every day with each other,

Just playing and loving, Melissa and Grandmother.

We played and we learned, and had many good times,

You learned your numbers and alphabet, and many nursery rhymes.

The years have flown by, fifteen to this day,

You're now a young lady, well on your way.

I wish you the best, I'll always be near,

I'll love you forever, sweet Melissa, my dear.

And always remember, when you're a grown woman,

That somebody loves you...that someone is Gram!

(I wrote this for you, Melissa. The times we spent when you were two, were some of the happiest times of my life. You were the little girl who left me too soon. It eased the pain of never having my daughter to cuddle and love. But being your grandmother...made up for all that pain. If my daughter had lived...I would have wanted her to be JUST like you. You are beautiful and loving, and so very dear to me. Someday you will make someone a lovely bride. I hope I can be here for that, but if God chooses otherwise, know that I will be there in spirit for you, always. Just a prayer away. I wish you the best, happiest, most loving life anyone could ever have. Always be true to yourself and love those around you. Be kind and compassionate and caring.)


Copyrightę 1994 Ethel M. Sandstrom

A dear net friend created this slide show of my Angel!!


September 29, 2000

(Her Daddy's 40th Birthday)!!

Another dear net friend made this for me. I am SO fortunate to have
met these precious ladies.


Updated January 17, 2004

This Midi is "How am I Supposed to Live Without You"