Heaven gained an Angel
Fourteen years ago,
Leaving many broken hearts
Here on earth below.

As we walked this new path
Like many others do,
We formed many deep connections
With others grieving too.

We form a special bond
With those who share our pain,
Trying to gain some insight
Into how to live again.

We question why we were chosen
To live our whole lives through,
With such pain so deep inside
Whatever can we do?

For losing a child can never be explained
Until we meet with God above,
We'll trust in HIS infinite wisdom
And cherish HIS unending love.

The past 14 years have taught us
Along with our many friends,
We know that in our future
We'll see our children once again.

Dear in Heaven
Know you're always in our hearts,
Fourteen years seems like a lifetime
That we have been apart.

One day we'll be together
Til then watch over us from above,
We'll meet you at the Gates of Heaven
For an eternity filled with love.

Written by your devoted Gram
January 1, 2009


Fourteen years ago, God called our beloved Melissa to Heaven. She was only 16 yrs old... this year she would have turned 30 years!!! It's hard to imagine her as a young woman... in our hearts, she will always be Sweet Sixteen.

We thank God for our short time with her... however long... it would never have been long enough, but without knowing her, we would have missed SO much. As with all parents/grands who have lost a child, we KNOW we will see her again in a different realm. Our spirits will share eternity as God ordained.

Rest well my precious Angel...
Gram carries you in her heart until we meet again.




Thank you dear GA Pics... you have touched my heart today!!

Thank you Joan...ONLY you know what these words mean to me!!


"I'll Leave This World Loving You"