Our First Year

(without you)

A year has passed since you have gone,
With heavy hearts, we carry on.

In disbelief, we face each day,
Still missing you, in every way.

The holidays were sad and blue,
That empty chair... a reminder of you.

The hardest day for us this year,
Your 17th Birthday...without you here.

So many balloons to mark your day,
To show you we care...in our only way.

We let them go, to Heaven they soared,
To let you know...you weren't ignored.

It's hard to believe so much time has passed by,
Since you left us behind...we constantly cry.

And so we go on, as we will for years,
Missing you SO much...
shedding millions of tears.

With love, Gram
(I wrote this over 6 years ago..put it aside, and it just surfaced today...my feelings are still the very same...they haven't changed...each day brings more tears).

October 24 , 2004

This Midi is: "Hearts Cry"