On the day of your birth, I promised you my love

Unconditionally... forever...and thanked God above.

As your life progressed, how proud I became!

The proudest of Grams...GRAM'S my favorite name.

Being your Gram was my favorite feat,

Being loved by you... was my magical treat!

I promised Our Lord my devotion and love,

If only He'd grant you... good health from above.

But God had a greater plan and much more,

Your future was written... the day you were born.

He promised to loan us an Angel from above,

And for sixteen short years... you filled our lives with love.

The day came abruptly when He called you Home,

But He promised to love you...never leaving you alone.

We live with His promises, we thank Him for your birth,

For you've earned Angel Wings... you've proven your worth!

Our promises to Him go on every day,

Each day that we live... each time that we pray.

Written with love, by Gram


This midi is "As Time Goes By"

Updated October 24, 2004



(My thanks to Crystal Cloud Graphics for the beautiful turning Angels)

(My thanks to Card's Country Graphics for this beautiful background)

(My thanks to The Coop for my email Angel)