God loaned us an Angel for a very short time,

She made a big many lives, including mine.

A beautiful baby right from the start

When she entered our lives...she captured all our hearts.

Watching her grow with her cute little ways,

Made our lives complete...brought joy to our days.

She was a treasure more precious than gold,

Someone we thought we'd enjoy...til the days we grew old.

But life has a way of changing so fast,

Our world quickly shattered...our joy didn't last.

God took her Home after sixteen short years,

Oh, the pain and the heartache...the millions of tears.

Love is so fleeting...hold on to each day,

For tomorrow your loved one...may be taken away.

God gave us memories of her wonderful love,

And she keeps on giving...from her new Home...above.

Written with love by Gram



This Midi is "The Greatest Love of All"



Updated October 24, 2004