Sisters Forever

Forever my sister

Forever you'll be,

A part of my heart

I no longer see.

But the heart doesn't need

To see what it loves,

The heart can reach out

To Heaven above!

My heart will always

Hold you so near,

With precious memories

Treasured ~ year after year.

We were sisters at birth

And sisters we'll always be,

No one can ever take away

The bond between...

My Angel sister and me!

I dedicate this page to Michelle, and her Angel sister Melissa.
I held 10 yr. old Michelle in my arms and had to tell her...
"Sissie just went to Heaven". This was the second hardest
moment of my life. Hearing that Melissa had just passed...
was the first!

With much love to my two beautiful grandaughters,

Always...your devoted Gram

Melissa feeding Michelle!

Melissa & Michelle
6 Yrs. & 3 Mos.

Melissa & Michelle
9 Yrs. & 3 Yrs.

Michelle & Melissa
5 Yrs. & 10 Yrs.

These are the latest pictures I have of Melissa...Forever Sixteen...

and Michelle (16) her first prom!




Melissa J. Sandstrom~~~~~Michelle J. Sandstrom


This Midi is: "I'M YOUR ANGEL"

October 29, 2001

Updated March 28, 2005


(This is my special gift to you)