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Welcome (My Story)

Our Heavenly Flower Dad's Devotion

My Special Angel Our Special Star

Sisters Forever I'll Remember You

Dreams of My Angel Class of '97

Remembering Melissa If You Believe

My Precious Angel Cleansing Tears

Precious Moments We Remember

More Than Her Gram Melissa & Gram

What is a Grandchild? A Lifetime Ago

Wasn't it Just Yesterday? Trust & Pray

God's Precious Gift I Held an Angel

My Dearest Melissa In Loving Memory

The Hand of God

My Heart Aches for YouPromises

Gates of Heaven In His Care

The Touch of an Angel If

Thank You Melissa Missing Melissa

Birthday Wishes Happy Birthday

Melissa's 25th Birthday!


If Only We'd Known Our First Year

I'm Not Able To Forget Reality

Photos of My Angel

The Things I Didn't Say

On the Wings of Love

The Whisper of My Angel

Bittersweet Mother's Day

Melissa's 26th Birthday
(Many thanks to Beth Hall & Saralyn Smith for
creating this beautiful page as I was unable to... due
to breaking my shoulder... you are both very dear to me)

Heaven Date...Number 10!

Gram Smiles On You..Melissa
(This beautiful page was a gift from
a dear friend Debbie Hart..
She has captured the essence of Melissa's and my bond...
for which I am eternally grateful)

Melissa's 11th Heaven Date

 Ann's Gift

 Melissa's 12th Heaven Date

With Christmas Love From Melissa
(Ann's Gift)

Lonely Christmas Eve

Melissa's 13th Heaven Date

 Melissa's 14th Heaven Date

Melissa's 15th Heaven Date

Melissa's Obituary

  The Spirit of North Penn

(The above poems are all original works
by/for Gram. Sole ownership and copyrights
belong to Gram. If you want to use one...
PLEASE ask permission!)

Angelstouch began as a Tribute to my beloved granddaughter Melissa Joy Sandstrom. It evolved to
include the many angels in my life. In doing so, this site surpassed the amount of space I have available.
Therefore, I have decided to remove everything that does not pertain to Melissa, and start a new site.

ANGELSTOUCH is now completely devoted to my Angel

Many of your favorites... such as FOREVER ANGELS,
MEMORIALS TO MARY JO, FELICIA, LAURA, MARY ALICE...and others....MIRACLE BABY, DRAGONFLY, HEAVENS ANGELS ..... and more NEW PAGES can be found at my other site.

The AWARDS I have received for this site have been

PLEASE visit my new creation!

My dear friend Ann and I have begun a new adventure!
Please visit our site to share in our excitement!!

Ann has a new venture... with a little help from me..."S"

Please visit her new home on the net.

This Midi is: "I'll Never Break Your Heart"

Updated March 9, 2010

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