Your Mom & Dad's lives have changed
In many ways it's true,
But never will they ever stop
Missing and loving you!

Your little sister's all grown up
A beauty and in love,
But she will always deeply care
For her sister up above.

Your Nanny's struggling to go on
Without Pappy in her life,
But knowing he's with you in Heaven
Helps her deal with daily strife.

Your Grandpa goes to bed each night
With your picture next to him,
Remembering the little girl he loved
And how he answered her every whim.

Your devoted Gram's heart's aching
And every day she cries,
Remembering her precious granddaughter...
A little more she dies.

Our prayers are with our Angel
Who meant the world to all,
Whose lives were completely shattered
The day she heard God's call.

Each heartache brings us closer
To joining you one day,
Until that glorious meeting
We'll treasure our memories and pray.

And OH, how joyous that day will be
To hold you close again,
Til then my dearest Melissa...
Happy Heaven Date....Number 10!

Written with Much Love,
Your Devoted Gram

Ethel M. Sandstromę2005

It doesn't seem possible that it's been 10 years!!!
You would be 26 years old now...
You will ALWAYS be held ever close in our hearts!


~~Our beautiful Melissa as a youngster~~

January 5, 1979~~~March 9, 1995


This Midi is: "Someone Elses Star"

(This was one of Melissa's favorite songs)