The Things I Didn't Say


If I could sit and talk with you

For just a little while,

To say the things I wished I'd said


How I loved your smile,

How much I loved the sight of you,

Your voice, your eyes, your face...

To help you with your homework,

And smile when you got A's!

You were so much a part of me

The part that's gone away,

The memories that you left behind

Grow more precious every day.

I pray that you can hear this

And God will let you see,

The pride, the joy, the happiness

That your life gave to me!

With love forever,

(Thanks to Pat Fennell)

Gram, don't cry, that I didn't stay... God planned it that way.

Some stay for a long while, like you and gramps have done,

But sometimes God calls Home... His youngest one.

I know you'll be lonesome for me... for awhile,

But time heals all wounds, and again you'll smile.

You'll think of your Angel, with the prettiest face,

And the halo that's on... but not always in place.

So please wipe that tear away from your eye,

You have your own Angel... there's no need to cry.

Heaven's just wonderful... you just wait and see,

You'll find me Dear Gram... on our Blessed Mother's knee!


Today marks the tenth anniversary since Melissa went to Heaven.

My heart aches as much today, as it did that early morning, when

God took her Home. Life has gone on... but the dreams of what

might have been... are a part of every day.

Rest well, my precious Angel... knowing you are dearly loved and

forever... sadly missed.

Your devoted Gram


March 9, 2005


This Midi is: "P.S. I Love You"

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My SINCERE THANKS to my dear friend Jeanne, for making the portrait of Melissa!

"You keep touching my heart with your thoughtfullness"