The following are pictures of Melissa that a dear "net"

friend made for me. She also made the background

you see here. She has touched my heart in a way that

has made her VERY dear to me. Stop by her site and

visit her and her beloved Angel...Joshua! She is a very

talented lady.

This is my beloved Melissa as a little girl!

This is my Angel Melissa nestled among the clouds!

Another version of the same picture, with the addition
of a beautiful poem...

A scene from Heaven!!!

It is Jeanne's and my feeling that these two Angels
brought us together!!

(Melissa and Joshua and Divine Intervention)

Jeanne surprised me with this beautiful picture,

which I will always treasure!!



Updated October 24, 2004

This Midi is "You are so Beautiful"

This lovely picture was sent to me by Jeanne!!

The feeling is very mutual!!