Welcome to my world

I was born and raised in Pa., and have

lived here all of my life. I was an only child (envying

all my peers who had siblings), and vowed to have

a large family. I started with 3 sons and then lost

a daughter. That was the first of many tragedies that

I overcame with Faith.

I spent my early married life staying at home, and enjoyed

raising our children.

Rusty married Nancy 39 years ago and

gave us our two grandsons, Chad and Jason.

Chad is married to Jessi and they have our first

Great Granddaughter, Nevaeh Rae... 

a beautiful 11 year old now.

Jason is married to Renee and they have our first Great

Grandson, Jacob Paul...an almost 11 year old.

Randy was

married for 20 years and has presented us with 3

grandaughters: Melissa (My Special Angel), Michelle,

and Montana. He remarried in 2014 to the love of his life...Shelly.

They have a new home and are very happy. He has 2 grandsons

with Shelly, and Michelle and Brian,  presented them with a

grandson in May of 2015.  He is a happy "Grampy"!

Tim married Carol 33 years ago, and they have

our youngest grandaughter ... Ashlee Marie.. Our own

(Miracle Baby)

My husband of 60 years retired after

30 years as Foreman for the Pennsylvania Highway Department.

He is known to everyone in our area as "Potsie" ...

which is short for "Pothole" ... (very appropriate) ... for his

career spent filling them!! Mine was "Cupcake", but

shortened to "Cuppy" by our Godson Kevin.

Potsie passed away in January of 2015 after

battling cancer for more than 5 years of a very

courageous struggle.

My career was a 13 year position as

Librarian at the Blossburg Memorial Library. Since

retirement, I have spent many hours making and

selling Angels ... but giving most of them away to

family and friends. I am addicted to the computer ... and

enjoying every spare moment spent here. I have also

written 2 books. "Through Gramma's Eyes" is a

daily journal written for Ashlee following her birth.

My second book "Angel's Touch" is a collection

of poems and letters to my beloved Angel Melissa. It was

published in February of 2003, and sold very well. My angel

and I were honored at a BOOK SIGNING on May 10th, 2003.

I served as a Board Member at the library,

retiring from that position in 2003. I hold

numerous offices in clubs and local organizations,

and keep VERY busy. My new passion is making

handmade cards. I am addicted to this craft...one of many

throughout my lifetime.

Several years ago, I

developed asthma (ironic??). I can now relate to my angel's

breathing problems. I have recently been diagnosed with

kidney failure, so my future is uncertain. For the time being

my kidneys are functioning better, but now I have a blockage

at the base of my heart. My life still faces uncertainty, but

I keep my FAITH strong!!!


Today...July 7, 2003... I learned that I am going to be a
GREAT GRANDMA for the VERY first time!!!!
My second born Grandson Jason and Renee, are EXPECTING!!
I have a hard time thinking of 'my firstborn' as GRANDPA!!! "S"

Our family suffered yet another loss on August 23rd. Renee
miscarried and our dreams for a Great Grandchild have been
lost at this time. Our family has another ANGEL in Heaven!
In dealing with another heartache, I made this graphic.

On June 18, 2004... Chad and Jessica announced
that they are expecting a child!!! God has given us
another chance at becoming Great Grandparents.
We are extremely happy for them!! Our prayers
are with them and this new life...

On September 21, Chad & Jessi visited and told us...
Our new Great Grand is a GIRL!!
They had seen the ultrasound for the first time that day!!

On February 3rd, 2005 at 6:54AM, Nevaeh Rae joined our
family!!! She weighed in at 7 lbs., 21 in. long.
(Her name is HEAVEN spelled backwards)
Here she is with her very proud Grandpa...our oldest son.

On Christmas Eve 2004, Jason and Renee shared that they were going to have a baby!! OH, what joy we shared that evening!!!

On August 22, 2005, grandson Jason and wife Renee became parents to our first Great Grandson Jacob Paul! He is a tiny bundle of joy. He was 6lbs.13oz and what a big order for a tiny baby.... he would carry on our family name!!

Our lives are SO blessed with 2 Greats!!!

This is the FOUR generation pic taken shortly after Jake's birth!

I am now GG and hubby is Baumpa... titles we cherish!

On Dec. 12th, '09, Nevaeh came to us with the news...

"I'm going to be a BIG sister!!" How excited we are to

have another great grand.

(Again our FAITH was tested.... We now have another ANGEL

in Heaven... this child was lost to us on Jan. 12, '10)

In September of 2011, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer,

and within that month had an ultrasound, biopsy and surgery.

Because of my kidneys, I was unable to undergo chemo.

I had 28 weeks of radiation, which left me with a 3%

chance of return. Feeling these were fairly good odds,

I left my life in GOD'S hands.

In 2015 I had a cancerous growth removed from my

forehead. Again, my fate is in my Saviour's hands.


"Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly"

This midi is "OPEN ARMS"

Updated March 3, 2016



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