With Love From Melissa

To My Gram

I Hold You Close To My Heart


My Beautiful Gram

I am always with you even though we've had to part

I'm always standing by your side I keep you in my heart.


I had to leave you for awhile, but we shall meet again

And from the other side of heaven I'm sending kisses until then.


Please smile for me this Christmas

And weep no more for me

I'm so happy in God's Kingdom

There are no words to make you see

The love and peace that I now have;

No sorrow and no pain;

It's all that we were promised

And fear is all in vain 


Give me silent hugs for now

And I will wait for you

I'm here and I can tell you that

God's promises were true





With Love to My Cuppy,

My most valued and treasured friend, who has walked with me and helped me along the journey. I love you very much. God always be with you.

Love, Ann

Mother to Angel Laura

This Midi is: "Blue Christmas"