Wasn't It Just Yesterday?

Wasn't it just yesterday?

The day that you were born?

Oh, the joy of that first meeting

That happy glorious morn.

Wasn't it just yesterday?

We heard your sweet laughter?

We took so much for granted

That we'd hear it forever after.

Wasn't it just yesterday?

Our days were blessed from above?

Our lives were so complete then

Surrounded by our love.

Wasn't it just yesterday?

The morning that you died?

It seems like a whole lifetime

Oh, the tears that we have cried!

Wasn't it just yesterday?

The day our world fell apart?

The day you took to Heaven

So many grieving hearts.

There are no more tomorrows

No memories to make,

But only lonely yesterdays

And hearts that always ache.

We try so hard to understand

Why God took you away,

With broken hearts we'll trust in Him

And meet with you one day.

Please Dear Lord, watch over her

Wrap your arms around her soul,

Until the day You call us Home

Only then...will we be whole!

Written with love, by Gram


This Midi is "YESTERDAY"

Updated October 24, 2004